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Our machines look different from any english wheel (Ewheel) you've probably ever seen.  Most ewheels use a lower adjuster, but we don't because the upper adjuster is a superior solution.

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With a lower kickwheel you have to shift your weight to one foot, reach under the panel, find the kickwheel and give it a whack, all without losing your balance and yanking a dent in the panel.  With our upper adjuster, you keep both feet flat on the floor and reach up with a precision instrument (your hand) and make an adjustment that is EXACTLY what you intended.  No more guessing how much pressure your off balance kick gave you.  Your hand KNOWS!  After all, they built a lot of engines using the torque wrench capabilites of the human hand, and some still do.

Our adjusters are precision instruments.  They are positive up and positive down, utilizing a 6061 Aluminum Quill with backlash adjustment.  Steel backed UHMW gibs control side to side movement and it is very easy to adjust for ease of travel yet there is NO play!  

The upper and lower yokes can be easily rotated for any desired wheeling direction further adding to the flexibility of the Imperial Wheeling Machine.

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A further advantage that the upper adjuster allows is because we don't have a glorified trailer jack hanging straight down, we can have an angled tool arm that let's you work a much deeper shape without hitting the frame.  And we have taken that a step further because we made our tool arm modular.  If you ever do run into a shape that you just cannot do, you can simply build another tool arm and bolt it to the mounting plate.  For instance, if you wanted to wheel a headlight bucket, you could build a tool arm that came straight up, then straight out flat to hold the yoke.  This would let you wheel a 6" cylinder.  There has never been a wheeling machine with this kind of flexibility!

Further, our machines are the stiffest on the market.  You could build a stiffer machine but you cannot buy one.

Our machines sit stable on any surface with their tripod mounting legs.

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No more tripping over an awkward front leg.  The bench machines are designed to sit with the tool arm off the bench so you don't have to bend your torso over to use it.  Standing up straight you can work for much longer periods of time in comfort.  In addition, the rear legs keep it stable.  Bench models do need to be bolted to a solid, stable surface.  Most other bench machines just have tabs welded to the bottom and wobble when you use them.  

Our machines can be custom built to your desired working height.  No one size fits all at Imperial!

We offer heat treated (51+ Rockwell C) upper wheels and anvils (additional cost option).  Rollers are the most concentric on the market.

Yes, our machines look different but that is by design.  We are metalshapers and we build machines for people who are serious about metalshaping.  Our machines work!



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