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Model 16S-S (Bench stub axle)              From $1700
Model 23-B (Bench)                             From $2100
Model 26-F (Floor)                               From $2600
Model 35  THE CROWN IMPERIAL           From $3900
Anvils and Upper Wheels

Model 16S (Stub axle):  This is one sweet little wheel. This machine is 16" from the center of the wheel to the backbone and instead of a yoke, it has a stub axle.

images/Model16s_side.jpg (21320 bytes) The stub axle allows you to work very small pieces without pinching your fingers by placing your hand on top of the upper wheel and rocking it back and forth.  It comes standard with Hoosier Pattern 2x2" anvils but 1x1" and 3x2" are available.  The upper wheel is a Hoosier Pattern 5.5x2" and heat treated to 52 Rockwell C.

images/Model16S_frontside.jpg (20785 bytes) Because of it's smaller size, the Model 16S has welded on legs instead of the more typical bolt on.  The lower tool arm is our normal modular approach that will allow the owner to build special tool arms to meet specific or unusual shaping requirements.

 imagesModel16s_front.jpg (27471 bytes) The Model 16S is built from 2x5" tubing and is VERY stiff, in the same range as our large machines.  Noted metalshaper Dutch Comstock bought the prototype to go along with his Model 36 and told us it was a VERY nice machine.  Sixteen guage steel is no problem at all!  We've sold several of these now and everyone who has one loves it!

images/Model16S_sidefront.jpg (29583 bytes)  The lower yoke adjusts side to side and fore and aft easily for specialized wheeling needs.  The drink can shows size.

images/Model16s_siderear.jpg (21436 bytes) Stable tripod legs allow the 16S to bolt securely to your workbench.  It also is designed to hang over the bench edge so you don't have to twist your body to operate the machine like most bench wheels.  The hand wheel can be easily set at any height on the threaded shaft for comfort and control.

Prices for the Model 16S are:  $1700 and up complete with upper wheel and anvils.  Final price depends on which upper wheel and anvil combination is chosen.  Crating and delivery to a local trucking company is $75.   It can also go UPS.  


Model 23- Bench

23B_cut_2_small.jpg (39849 bytes) This machine is designed to sit on the corner of a work bench or sticking off the front about even with the mounting tabs.  The feet have pre-drilled holes for bolting to the work surface.  This ensures the operator has good access to the part without having to lean over.

It has a throat depth of 23" and will easily shape 16 gauge steel.  I've done 14 gauge with it.

The main frame is coated with Line-X truck bed lining by the local Line-X plant.  It is a very attractive and durable coating and is almost impossible to cut.  Standard color is hammertone silver on the legs and head.

23B_adj_close.jpg (14656 bytes)These photos show the allen screws and lock nuts that control the pressure of the gibs on the quill.  The slot in the front allows adjustment of quill tightness.

23B_cut_1_small.jpg (30937 bytes)These are the bolt on legs. This machine sits very stable on a workbench, much more than typical bench wheels with small tabs on the lower arm for mounting to the table.

This is the lower arm.  The attachment bolts are 1/2" allen headed cap screws.  The bench wheel is made from 3x5 steel tube 3/16 thick.    Custom lower tool arms can be fabricated to allow you to wheel shapes that would hit the stock tool arm.  Any wheel has some shapes that will hit the frame but our wheels are the only ones that have a modular tool arm that can be unbolted and replaced with a tool arm that allows you to wheel any desired shape.

Models of the bench wheel up to 36" are available on special order.  They will be made from 3x6x1/4 tubing.  Legs to convert to free standing are also available.

This machine sells for $2150.00 with a 8x2 upper (heat treated to 52 Rockwell C) and six 2x3" anvils.   If you prefer 3" wide rollers the price is $2250.00

A bare frame machine for use with your own upper and anvils is available.   Crating and delivery to a local trucking company is $100.00.  Shipping is extra and varies based on where you are and if you are going to pick it up at the loading dock or have it delivered to your door.  

Angled lower tool arms allow unrivaled  access to panels and is modular.  It can quickly be removed and replaced with a custom design tool arm built to fit specific needs.  Special lower tool arms are available on custom order.


Model 26- Floor

    M26-Silver-Side-Front.jpg (51601 bytes)  M26-silver-front.jpg (67205 bytes)

This is the 23B's big brother.  It will do everything the bench wheels do only better.  This machine is made from 3x6x1/4" tubing and is 40% stiffer than the 23B.  In addition, it has tripod mount bolt on legs.  This is a superb smaller machine.  It is very stable and solid.  It will easily shape 14 guage and probably more, I haven't had any 12 guage to test.   As with the rest of our machines, the final price varies with the selection of anvils and upper wheels.  A complete machine with 2" rollers is $2600.00.  With 3" rollers the price is $2700.00.   The upper wheel is heat treated to 52 Rockwell c and the machines come with six anvils either 2x3" or 3x3".

M26-Silver-Toolarm.jpg (49794 bytes) M26-Silver-Side.jpg (97608 bytes)  26F_rear.jpg (12117 bytes) Custom lower tool arms can be fabricated to allow you to wheel shapes that would hit the stock tool arm.  Any wheel has some shapes that will hit the frame but our wheels are the only ones that have a modular tool arm that can be unbolted and replaced with a tool arm that allows you to wheel any desired shape.

Crating and delivery to a local trucking company is $100.  The crate is approximately 36x48x14" and the crated weight is about 350lbs with rollers.  Shipping is extra and varies based on where you are and if you are going to pick it up at the loading dock or have it delivered to your door. 



Our new large machine is the best yet!  It has a 36" throat and is the best on the market.  As with our other machines, the main frame is Line-X coated.  Standard color is hammertone silver with other colors by special order.

M35-Silver-side.jpg (39042 bytes) M35-Silver-side-rear.jpg (58049 bytes) 

As with all Imperial Wheeling Machines, the lower tool arm is modular.  Any frame design has some shape that simply will not fit without hitting the frame.  We have the only machines on the market that have a way to get around this issue.  Our tool arms are modular and easily remove.  A special tool arm can be fabricated to address special shapes without having to buy a special purpose machine. M35-Silver-toolarm.jpg (60870 bytes)

Crown Imperial comes standard with our new quick release and dovetail adjuster.  It is made from 10x4x1/4 tubing and is even stiffer than the older Model 34 was.  For some time we have been working on an adjuster that provided very smooth action, no movement, and had less height than our previous large machine.  The new dovetail adjuster does everything we wanted and more.  It is silky smooth and 8" shorter than the previous units which lowers the handwheel for convenience.   Because of the increased stiffness of the frame, we moved to fine thread feed rod and implemented a quick release.  Operation is as easy as rotating the arm to raise the upper wheel.  The axle is still quickly removed for changing to other wheel configurations such as the GoKart slick.

 M35-Silver-front.jpg (48431 bytes)  M35-Silver-Quick-release-op.jpg (41464 bytes)

The standard configuration of a 36" throat but special orders of larger sizes are available.   Machines can be built to accommodate any desired working height.

The Crown comes standard with a 4x9" upper wheel.  It is heat treated to 52 Rockwell and very, very nice.  The same great features of our other models are all here.

The bare frame machine (complete except for rollers) is available special order.  The Crown complete with 9x4" heat treated upper and set of 3x3 anvils is $3900.00  

The front and rear legs bolt on for ease of shipment.  Crating and delivery to a local trucking company is $150.  The crated weight is about 550 lbs.  


Components ::

Due to numerous requests, we are also offering components and complete adjusters.  Based on a 8" tall adjuster the following prices apply:  Different sizes are priced somewhat more or less depending.  Machine work is the same but the material cost may be less which we pass along to the buyer.  Prices do not reflect shipping and in some cases a slight packaging fee.

Complete Upper Adjuster : $450 for 8" model
upper adjuster
  • This is a complete adjuster with weld on mounting plate for the bench wheel.
  • Complete assembly with all necessary components and weld on mounting plate. Ready for your upper yoke to bolt on (1/2" bolt).
  • Outer tube drilled and tapped for 3/8 gib adjusting screws (8 set screws and lock nuts included)
  • Top plate welded in place. Welds ground but unit is unpainted.
  • Access hole machined for adjustment of nyloc nut.
  • Torrington (Thrust) bearings keep the action SMOOTH!
  • Retaining plates welded on bottom (to keep the gibs from falling out the bottom).
  • Tube drilled and tapped for appropriate sized 1/2x4x12" mounting plate. Custom sizes and widths available.
  • Four 1/2" socket headed cap screws included
  • Mounting plate included with 9/19" holes which allow a some adjustment. This plate is welded to your frame upper arm.
  • Instructions for assembly and operation
Upper Yokes to accept 4" wide: $ 75

Lower yoke with mounting/adjuster plate: $50

Tucking Tool: $40    

Steven Winsett inspired Bat Hammer: $40    

Lipton Hammer: $100    

Beater Bags: $50-75


Why flats instead of true radius anvils?

we only sell and teach anvils with contact flats.  There are several reasons we believe flats are a superior method:

  • The contact point of the anvil and the upper wheel is what stretches the panel.  With a true radius anvil, the center of the anvil presses into the panel more and causes "stripes" in the panel. 
  • The bottom of a panel made with true radius anvils under high pressure can be 'scalloped' by these inconsistent pressure marks.
  • Flats have a consistent wider contact point, create just as much shape just as fast, but don't mark the panel as much.
  • Flats make it much easier to make overlapping passes
  • On small panels, either approach works well.
  • We've found that most people new to wheeling learn faster with contact flats because the tracking pattern is not AS critical.

You should always use the highest crown anvil that fits the shape you are making.  For instance for a door skin, you would rarely use the 1/4" contact flat anvil but rather use the 1" flat one.


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